The Sounding Ground


The fact that you are here means that you are seeking substance of some kind, whether it be healing, wholeness, or newness. Perhaps you are just curious about Biofield Tuning, a sound healing technique that finds patterns of emotions you may be living out in your daily life, helps you to become aware of them, and even let them go.

I like to think of Biofield Tuning as a way to reclaim parts of ourselves that we have left behind. Trauma happens, and the world continues to move on, whether we are ready to or not. If we are still processing a traumatic experience, we may perform an amazing psychological feat: we leave a small piece of ourselves behind to continue to process, while the rest of us moves forward. For many of us, that piece of ourselves never wraps things up, never finishes the processing job. It lingers. It gets stuck. It continues to affect, dictate even, our emotional state in the current moment.

Biofield tuning helps to collect those fragments of ourselves. Reclaiming those pieces of ourselves is energizing. It's healing. Getting a little closer to whole revitalizes us so that we have the energy to be strong.

What is Biofield Tuning?

Watch an overview from the Biofield Tuning Founder. See also - What's a session like?

You are still standing regardless of your past, you can feel your emotions without judgement, and you can live fully present in this world.